Top 5 Paying Remote Jobs in Ghana

Virtual Marketing/Selling

Buying and selling in Ghana is a big opportunity for those who want to work remotely. In other jurisdictions, it is mainly done on web platforms but that technology is not as common in Ghana. 

Social medial tools such as WhatsApp and Facebook are the platforms you would mostly find these kinds of businesses being advertised.

Variety of merchandise such as phones, laptops, clothing, and other electronic items are mostly on display on these platforms. The common way of referring to this kind of system is “buy and sell”, and the delivery is physical or mainly referred to as “door to door”.

Virtual marketing and sales is a common platform for anybody who wants to do business in Ghana in a remote way. It’s just a simple buy and sell strategy and may people make a living out of these kinds of business.

Graphic Art

Graphic Design as it is affectionately called in Ghana is a multimillion-dollar industry. Though there are a host of private firms that are involved, young men and women who have such expertise are making money.

Due to the high levels of unemployment in the country, young people who have expertise in graphic design are seizing the opportunity to make a livelihood for themselves.

Graphic design is important today in Ghana’s developing landscape since it is essential for problem-solving through the use of typography, photography, and illustration.

IT Specialist

I.T specialty jobs in Ghana range from Communications Infrastructure Development, electronic Security systems, coding, web design, network administration and general consulting for anything related to computers.

Individuals who possess these kinds of abilities are hard to find in the country, so big organizations who offer such services take advantage and charge high fees.

Nonetheless, young I.T professionals who have high I.T skills are contracted remotely for services. As Ghana isn’t an advanced country in terms of technology, it is an advantage for those individuals vested in that niche.

Marketing – Sales Executives

Marketing and sales delivery in Ghana offer Pay-As-You-Go based services to consumers who lack access to reliable products. These executives are responsible for cold calling people to sell products to prospective customers.

Regional sales executives who are usually deployed across the country to execute such actions are offered huge percentages up to 20% on sales. Enticing remunerations such as fuel and rent allowances are also included in these packages.

Photography – Videography

Photography has become such a big business in Ghana in recent times. Professional Photographers usually render services such as corporate functions, weddings, launches and gala dinners.

Photos are memorable and Ghanaians like to capture important moments every week. This is definitely a growing industry in Ghana and is worth investing in.

If you own a computer and a good digital camera with some expertise in taking images and editing, you are on the go as a professional photographer in Ghana.

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