Are you wondering, what are the best top 5 Left-Footed football Players in World?

5. Bernardo Silva

While most of the names on this list are established all-time greats, Bernado Silva is one who is still in the process of carving out a name for himself as one of the continent’s best.

After his magnificent exploits in City’s back-to-back, record-breaking title wins, he’s well on the way to achieving this goal. A player very much in the mold of his namesake, David Silva, the Manchester City playmaker is rapidly ascending to the pinnacle of football.

With the aid of his left foot – which produces mesmeric moments with almost alarming frequency – Bernado will in all likelihood be further up this list in a few years time. 

4. Giorgio Chiellini

Left-footed centre-backs are a rare phenomenon in football; truly world-class ones even more so. In fact, there’s a case to be made that Juventus centre-half Giorgio Chiellini is the best there has ever been – although Paolo Maldini might have something to say about that, admittedly.

Regardless, there’s little doubt that Giorgio is the best there is at the moment. The defensive stalwart has won eight Serie A titles with Juve and has helped to turn them into the most effective defensive unit in Europe.

It’s strange that there are so few lefties at centre-back, especially given that it’s probably the position where the most symmetry is needed, but Chiellini is a stunning exception. 

3. Antoine Griezmann

Some critics have lambasted the Frenchman for taking so long to join a truly ‘elite’ club. But, with a World Cup winner’s medal in his back pocket, the forward has made his dream move to Catalonia.

Griezmann’s attacking supremacy is no secret, but his unselfish runs and even his defensive efforts regularly go un-praised. A brilliantly well-rounded and versatile footballer, Griezmann’s left foot will now get the credit it deserves.

2. Marcelo

The Brazilian wing-back didn’t enjoy the best of seasons in 2018/19, but then again, neither did any of the Real Madrid squad. Marcelo has earned a great deal of criticism throughout his career for, apparently, being magnificent going forward but dodgy in defence.

This attack is completely unwarranted and is, in fact, a product of the lazy stereotyping of any Brazilian full-back/wing-back which is so prevalent in footballing discourse.

Marcelo was arguably the second-most influential player (after Cristiano Ronaldo, of course) in a Real Madrid side which won three Champions Leagues in a row, and four in five years. He will go down in history as one of the greatest in his position, along with fellow left-footed Brazilian Roberto Carlos.

1. Lionel Messi

Not exactly an outlandish pick, this one. The Argentinean has been lauded to such an extent throughout his staggering career that it almost seems redundant to heap even more praise upon him.

The supreme chip/clipped finish he produced against Real Betis last campaign is further evidence of the magic which is contained within this great man’s left peg. He truly is, as Ray Hudson would say, ‘magisterial’.

As a footballer, he is beyond compare and, along with his fellow countryman Diego Maradona, is by far and away the best left-footer of all time. 

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