ICE Africa 2019

The African gaming industry is all set for ICE Africa 2019. ICE Africa is the foremost and singular pan-Africa gathering where African business growth and sustainable development plans for the fast-growing African gaming market are promoted for free.

It is specially planned for both African and international igaming operators who operate online or on-location systems to gather and deliberate on relevant issues in the igaming sector. ICE Africa aims to link the entire African gaming landscape with the global market.

Last year (2018), the inaugural ICE Africa took place in Johannesburg, South Africa in what turned out to be an exciting 2-day event from 24th to 25th October, and brought together about 16 African nations and a total of 52 nations to discover elements encompassing economic policies, anti-money laundering, social responsibilities, investment, public relations, and payment methods, all modules that are highly relevant in the gaming sector. The event also featured regional round tables and training masterclasses given by the Totally Gaming Academy.

This year, the ICE Africa Conference will be held at the Sandton Convention Centre, South Africa from 2nd till 3rd of October and will feature masterclasses and an opportunity for operators to exhibit their latest technologies and software to all those in attendance.


The second edition will feature key regulators and decision-makers from trade associations and commissions representing African countries including Ghana. The deputy commissioner of the Ghana Gaming commission Kobby Annan is also billed to attend the event.

There is an unprecedented growth in the online gambling industry, and it is interesting to know that Africa is hopping on this trend, and thatbis due the fact that Africa adjusts well to change, gambling laws are rapidly evolving. Currently, gambling is on the rise in several African countries and predicted revenues over the next year are well over 50 billion based on the progressive rise in revenues for about 4 years.

Although online gambling is still illegal in some African countries, it wouldn’t take much time before African countries where online casino gaming is illegal transforms and gambling turns out to be legal, fetching in income and appealing to foreign markets too.

It is evident that the amount of attention focused on Africa is a clear indication that it is certainly the next big gambling market and will take the global gambling scene by storm when online casino gambling becomes legalized through a wide selection of African countries.

Interestingly, Novamatic will be occupying a huge stand at the 2019 ICE Africa event where they would demonstrate how technologies complement each other to create powerful solutions. They have revealed that visitors to ICE 2019 will experience the global launch of premium casino games.

Fundamentally, ICE Africa 2019 aims to bring the igaming community insightful content that ranges from leadership to training, with the gaming sector’s most significant and reputable shareholders. Attendants will be exposed to an understanding of the African gaming market, where they would be exposed to the ability to customize products for the African region.

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