Casinos and gaming centers in Ghana have both taken the center stage for that perfect ‘Ghanaian Nightlife & Lifestyle’ and can be seen as a form of relaxation during the day; but for some, it is a part of their extracurricular activities. The market for casinos, gaming centers and gaming shops is actually doing pretty much great.

That is why Ghana has got regular authorities and legislative in place, to protect the gaming activities of this city. Making sure the law is enforced to also protect players and gamblers against any issues, monitor gaming activities, and payment of gaming taxes, is solely the work of Ghana Gaming Commission.

Ghana Gaming Commission issues licences to gambling operators

The Ghana Gaming Commission governs the entire gaming industry of Ghana with the strict rules and regulations which they have carefully put in place to protect gaming centers, casinos, gamblers as well as players.

License for operating a gaming company is solely issued by Ghana Gaming Commission, and we are proud to let our valued customers and guests know that Vulkano Games is a licensed company. We have types of gambling in Ghana-namely, Land-Based Casinos & Game centers, Sports Betting, Lotteries and Online Betting.

All of the above also requires applying for a license to be able to operate in Ghana. In order to apply for a license, one must make sure the meet the requirements of the Ghana Gaming Commission – (see website for the list of requirements)

One good thing about operating a licensed casino or gaming center is the fact that this will create more job opportunities for so many people and the revenue taxes paid will help boost the economic growth of the country.

Since gambling is fully legal and regulated in Ghana, Vulkano Games however is operating in accordance with the law (Gaming Act 721) alongside its rules and regulations of the Ghana Gaming Commission.

Our sole duty is to protect citizens who come to play at our game shops by ensuring that they are dealt with in honesty, with discretion and integrity. We carry out duties in all fairness of the law, leaving no room for cheating or manipulation.

Word of advice to players and gamblers; kindly never visit or play at any unlicensed casino or game center, because it is unregulated, it doesn’t guarantee you a safe player protection and you will become a possible victim of fraud.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry! Come play with us (as we are licensed by the Ghana Gaming Commission), and you will certainly be treated to a fair and safe play.

Or better still, you will definitely enjoy a regulated positive gaming-experience that meets your standards with transparency. With Vulkano Games, your bets are safe with us! Choose wisely and gamble responsibly.